A.I. in the Post-Covid Era


As I look back on the past year, I feel lucky. I didn’t catch Covid. And I’m now fully vaccinated. But I did struggle with the effects of another epidemic. The epidemic of loneliness.

The Covid Era created a physical wedge between me and the life I once knew – a life rich in relationships, experiences and memories. The past year was devoid of all three. It felt like an aesthetic wasteland.

You may wonder what aesthetics has to do with Covid?

The term aesthetics is derived from the Greek word ‘aisthetikos,’ which means perception of the senses. At the core of aesthetics is the human touch.

The isolation of this past year has highlighted to me just how much I need – and miss – the human touch.

Throughout the pandemic, I missed the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. I missed the ability to explore new corners of the world and take in the sights, flavors and fragrances that accompany them. I missed all the aesthetic experiences I once took for granted.

As I re-emerge from this dark period, I still feel lucky. My family and I are in good health, my mind and spirit are active, and my creative juices are flowing.

Looking ahead, however, I’m even more excited. I’m excited to enter a new Aesthetic Age. I not only will embrace all the beautiful touches around me; I’ll appreciate them more than ever.



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