I’m Pauline Brown and I believe that taste matters now more than ever.

Pauline Brown
Pauline Brown

I have spent most of my career helping big businesses grow even bigger. I took pride in their financial success, but often wondered about all the negative externality costs.

As I saw it, most companies were becoming a lot less humane. They were failing to appreciate the single biggest driver of long term success — the human touch.

In a world in which people need and want less ‘stuff,’ yet crave richer and more meaningful experiences, I believe companies should stop focusing exclusively on meeting functional needs and start focusing on delivering delight.

I’ve dedicated this chapter of my career to just that: teaching executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals how to deliver delight. It’s the one thing we humans still do much better than machines.

I believe the process starts by cultivating each individual’s own Aesthetic Intelligence or, as I call it, “that other A.I.” From there, it can be applied to brands, products, customer experiences, and other facets of businesses. My mission at Aesthetic Intelligence Labs is to help you get in top aesthetic shape and, in so doing, strengthen your business too. Maybe even transform it.

Above all, I hope you enjoy this journey, and I hope you continue to find new ways to beautify yourself and the world around you!

Pauline Brown

The team

Pauline Brown, Founder

Pauline Brown is a renowned expert on luxury branding. As the former Chairman of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton North  America, she acquired, built and led some of the world’s most influential brands in sectors ranging from fashion to fragrances to fine wine.

In 2016, she decided to transition from leading corporations — including Estée Lauder, Bain & Company and The Carlyle Group — to advising them through education, media and board service. Her breakthrough book, Aesthetic Intelligence: How To Boost It and Use It in Business and Beyond, is based on a course she developed and taught at Harvard Business School and serves as the basis for her coursework at Aesthetic Intelligence Labs.

She currently is a Marketing Professor and Executive-in-Residence at Columbia Business School, a Henry Crown Fellow at Aspen Institute and a Board Member of Neiman Marcus Group. She also hosts a weekly radio show on SiriusXM, called “Tastemakers” and advises businesses on consumer marketing, brand building and retail management.   

Paula Oriol, Business Director

Paula has worked across a broad range of sectors, from fashion to finance to energy, leading innovation and  empowering organizations.  Her primary focus has been on equipping teams with the skills needed to navigate new cultures and overcome difficult challenges. Through Aesthetic Intelligence Labs, Paula continues her mission to equip the next generation of business leaders with more human-centric skills and strategies. In addition to her expertise in business development and leadership training, Paula is a published author and storytelling coach.

Silvia Ferpal, Art Director

Silvia is an award-winning graphic designer and visual artist from Madrid. She started her career at Ogilvy & Mather and has worked as an independent designer for the past 10 years.

Carter Oakley, Video Producer

Carter is a film and video director based in New York.  He is the Managing Director for the production company Redins. His commercial work has spanned a variety of industries, including liquor, healthcare and fashion. His  award-winning film work, which has focused on death and dying communities, brings awareness and support to those who are underserved and marginalized.

Aesthetic Intelligence: How to boost it and use it in business and beyond

In her book, Pauline Brown provides a crucial roadmap to help business leaders build their businesses in their own authentic and distinctive way.

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