Conquering A.I. with “the other A.I.” – Workshop

workshop artificial intelligence vs aesthetic intelligence

I can’t pick up a newspaper or engage in a conversation these days without being reminded of the looming threat of Artificial Intelligence.  How many jobs will A.I. displace? How will it be used to disseminate misinformation and violate privacy? Could it spell the end of Democracy?  Or, worse yet, the end of humanity? I could go on… Even so, I’m optimistic.

Let’s start with the basics. Smart machines are actually not smart. To be clear, they’re powerful and impressive, but not smart.

Intelligence – which is, by definition, the ability to act, perceive, and have emotion – doesn’t just emanate from our brains; it is inherent in our bodies. Even plants, which lack neurological systems, exhibit intelligence in their ability to learn from and respond to their environments.

A.I. replicates one narrow element of human intelligence – data processing and algorithmic thinking – but it cannot capture other forms of intelligence, most notably understanding, compassion, and imagination. These skills are precisely what we teach at A.I. Labs. We believe they will continue to serve not only the world of business — but the world at large — well in the years to come.

Interested in learning more about “the other A.I.” and how it can prepare you to success in this Age of A.I.? Attend our free workshop on May 9th at noon.

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