Aesthetic Intelligence:
The Foundation

  • Fun, Engaging & Self-Paced
  • 20 Mini Master Classes (<15 min/video)
  • Global Community of Tastemakers
  • Weekly Virtual Workshops
  • Downloadable Exercises
  •  Official Aesthetic Intelligence Certification
  • Aesthetic Awards Event

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What sensations and emotions are you naturally drawn to and why? How can you express these emotions more fully? And how can you apply them to your products and services to create richer and more memorable experiences and build longer-lasting relationships with your customers?

Get a sneak peek of what the course feels like here:

In this introductory course, Pauline Brown guides you through the fundamental steps for sharpening your taste and judgement, connecting with others through their senses, and striking a balance between commercial and creative objectives.



Phase 1

Understanding Aesthetic Experiences: The Principles of Taste

By engaging our senses and imagination, aesthetic experiences elicit powerful
emotions, inspire action, and forge deep and lasting connections.

Phase 1 delves into the basic tenets of aesthetics and provides guidelines for applying them to
your business and building your brand.

You will learn:

  • How aesthetics affects emotions and behaviors.
  • How personal tastes are formed and evolve.
  • How other leaders have used aesthetics to transform entire sectors.

Phase 2
Sharpening Your Taste and Judgment

To deliver delight for others, you must start by building your own aesthetic gifts. You must know what looks and feels good to you and how to express it creatively and authentically.

Phase 2 is designed to cultivate your personal tastes through our innovative, engaging and time-tested methodology.

You will learn:

  • How to become more sensorially attuned and aware.
  • How to refine your aesthetic identity and align your inner values with your outer expressions.
  • How to express your ideas and strategies through tasteful curation and communication

Phase 3
Unlocking Financial Value

Aesthetic brands forge meaningful relationships and deliver rich experiences across all touch-points. They tap into their customers’ dreams and desires, and, in so doing, they maximize their company’s value proposition.

Phase 3 guides you through a practical application of your skills. You will develop an aesthetic
solution to your biggest strategic challenge.

You will learn:

  • How to understand and appeal to your customers’ dreams and desires.
  • How to convert your connections with customers from transactional to relational.
  • How to capitalize on external trends that will drive future styles and aspirations.
Pauline Brown

"When I look back at my career - from leading LVMH USA to driving strategy at Estee Lauder to investing in retail brands for Carlyle - I believe my appreciation of aesthetics contributed more to my success than did my business degree from Wharton or analytic training at Bain."

Pauline Brown

Learn more


how and why aesthetic intelligence can be used to capture attention, create desirability, build connections, and unlock financial value.


how to conduct a sensorial audit to identify strengths and opportunities for your business and develop aesthetic strategies for long-term sustainable growth.


and sharpen your personal style and brand to marry your inner values and your professional presentation.


your value proposition and build a strong competitive advantage through its aesthetic expressions.


your aesthetic sensitivity to forge deeper connections with key constituents, including customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

The course guides you through videos, audios, exercises, hands-on case studies, curated readings, Q&A, live sessions with Pauline and other leading tastemakers. The course is self-paced, but we recommend you complete all the modules within 10 weeks, allocating around two hours per week to the learning process.

Learn by Doing
This is your creative space -- an open canvas -- for you to apply your insights. The more you dig in and the more you explore, the more you will gain.

Flexible and Adaptable
Aesthetic sensitivity, preferences and tastes evolve through a combination of exploration and inspiration. Learn at the speed that’s right for you and your own creative flow.

User-Friendly Framework
Our proprietary method for teaching aesthetic intelligence is taught through a series of easy-to-digest learning units and easy-to-follow exercises.

Learn from the Best
Exclusive live sessions in which the world’s leading tastemakers share their stories, experiences and practical techniques for boosting aesthetic intelligence.

Content built on 30 years of executive insight plus top-tier business education
The course is based on insights that guided Pauline’s own success as a top executive in the luxury goods world and leading thought leader and MBA courses taught at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

Vibrant community
Exclusive access to a professional community committed to lifelong learning in Aesthetic Intelligence.

Aesthetic Recognition
At the end of each quarter, Pauline and her team will announce the winner of the Aesthetic Award. Winners will receive personalized feedback from a panel of experts, and will be recognized in A.I. Lab's media coverage. In addition, they will be inducted into our roster of 'Leading Tastemakers' and will automatically qualify for our advanced course.

Continuous Learning
Participants will have a 3-month access to the course, curated content and live sessions.



deliver the one thing
that everyone seeks
Aesthetic Delight

This is for...

  • Product Managers & Entrepreneurial Innovators seeking to build their brands, reach new customers and express their values
  • Professional Pivoters hoping to pursue career paths that better align with their interests and lifestyle choices
  • CEOs & Founders seeking to communicate their vision in more emotionally resonant ways
  • Growth Seekers searching to enhance their value, visibility and prospects for career advancement
  • Personal Brand-Builders looking for ways to project their uniqueness for making mindful choices in their lives and careers
  • Creatives needing to articulate their ideas and use them to drive business results

"After reading Aesthetic Intelligence and having Pauline on my podcast I knew I had to join the A.I. Labs and I was not disappointed. The calibre of guests, content and conversations were exquisite. The additional extraordinary value is the community - connecting with other tastemakers around the world. Lastly having Pauline's guidance, mentorship and teaching through the program was beyond my expectations."

S.Martin, Serial Entrepreneur, Calgary, Canada

"The experience was inspiring and full of practical elements that lifted me up from the first day."

A. Lyagina, Coffee Brand Marketer, Moscow, Russia

"Enchanting. The topic itself is fascinating. As human beings, we are all attracted to beauty. Understanding how this relates to all aspects of business/life is both intriguing and inspiring!"

F. Wilson, Financial Advisor, Veneto, Italy

"A.I. Labs was an invaluable experience. Profound knowledge, from evidence based scientific research to philosophical deep understandings, connected us with a wide range of fields. Many thanks to all the Tastemakers who shared their time and perspectives with us!"

J. Kebs, Specialist, MD, Specialist in Preventative Medicine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"This course is unique. There is nothing else like it available for people interested in the topic. With access to Tastemakers from different industries from all parts of the world, the door to a whole new way of thinking has been opened wide for me. I am excited to learn more!”

S. Wall, Graphic Designer, Manchester, England

“A.I. Labs course has helped me understand myself better through an aesthetic lens and articulate ideas to my clients. Pauline and her team know how to ask the right questions and create the best exercises to deepen your understanding of aesthetics and apply them to your life & business. One of my favorite aspects of this course is the community they have curated. Everyone is so unique and comes from such a diverse background. We all come together to discuss the use of aesthetics - something we are all passionate about. It's truly beautiful. I have learned so much."

K. Obert, Chief Brand Officer, Los Angeles, United States

"Words cannot describe how much this revolutionary teaching has imparted on me... The insights I gleaned are explosive.""

S. Egharevba, Education Entrepreneur, Lagos, Nigeria

"It truly helped me tap into the parts of myself I needed to turn our company around!"

V. Colman, App Developer, Los Angeles, United States

"Aesthetic Intelligence is a fascinating field of study. In my experience, A. I. Labs offers a unique program that sparks rich ideas for innovation and collaboration."

E. Lindsay, National Geographic Explorer, Hawaii, United States 


Questions you might have


Do you offer scholarships or sponsorship opportunities?

We offer a handful of scholarships, reserved each cohort for those in need. At the moment we are awarding 3 full-price scholarships for our Fall 2023 Cohort, valued at $1490 each, to those who took refuge from the Russia-Ukraine war, to low income students and other people in need. Apply before September 4 by filling out this form. The course kicks off on October 16.

We also offer special opportunities for those wishing to sponsor a course for someone in need. Please contact us for more information.


What can I expect?

This self-paced, cohort-based course offers a foundation for building your aesthetic muscles and applying your taste to your business. Taught by Pauline Brown, it consists of:


Does Pauline Brown personally teach the course?

Yes. The course is taught entirely by Pauline Brown. On occasion, she invites other aesthetic geniuses to share their perspectives and experiences.


What is the Aesthetic Award?

Pauline and her team will announce a Grand Winner of the Aesthetic Award. Winners will get a personalized feedback session and obtain free access to our next cohort and scheduled events.


Do high-profile tastemakers personally participate in the course?

Yes. As a growing community of tastemakers, we are continuously on the lookout for those who master the art of sensorial seduction and infuse beauty in their lives and businesses. As a course member, you will have the opportunity to participate in online sessions, in which Pauline Brown interviews leading tastemakers and explores the tools, experiences, influences and habits that shaped their success.


Will I have time to study?

Absolutely. We know you are busy and, as such, have designed this course around microlearning segments and self- paced methodologies. Participants are able to watch, listen and read from any device, anytime, anywhere – regardless of individual bandwidth and schedule constraints.


What kind of support do you offer students who have doubts and questions on the contents of the program?

Exercise come with inspiring examples, which will help guide you. If you need any additional support, you are welcome to send all questions and comments to our community forum, where you will engage in rich dialogue with other tastemakers.  The monthly workshops are also opportunities for you to share your opinions on the field.


How long will I have access to the course?

You will have an 8 week  access to your course and curated content. Upon completion of this timeframe, if you haven’t completed the course or if you wish to continue learning with updated content, you may request an 8 week extension.


What is included in the $1,400 fee?

Full 3-month access to the program (e.g., videos, interactive workbook, downloadable resources, live online sessions, audio instructions), our community and our curated content and events.


What is Aesthetic Intelligence? Why does it matter?

Aesthetic Intelligence is, in a word, taste. It’s not about creativity or artistry. It’s about the ability to decipher not only what looks and feels good to you, but why and how to deliver it for others.   When it comes to business, aesthetics has the potential to unlock a lot of value – and not just for design-oriented companies.

Corporate Workshops

Interested in energizing your organization and strengthening your capabilities? We design and deliver custom learning programs according to your team’s and your industry’s specific needs. We also collaborate with corporate clients on a series of aesthetic workshops.

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