Preserving Aesthetic Cultures and Traditions


In our latest Tastemaker Conversation, two fascinating women taught us about the importance of preserving millenary cultures and traditions as a way of understanding where we come from and where we are going. Our conversation was a doorway to more meaningful and authentic experiences. 

Watch the event´s highlights: 

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National Geographic Explorer Elizabeth Lindsey

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey  is the first Polynesian Explorer and female Fellow in the history of the National Geographic Society.  A native Hawaiian elder, cultural anthropologist, and award-winning filmmaker, she travels to the world’s most remote regions as a conservationist of indigenous wisdom and an advocate for social, environmental, and cultural justice.

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir Icelandic Designer

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir is an iconic Icelandic fashion designer. She is the founder and creative director of the label STEiNUNN, founded in 2000. She has held senior positions at Calvin Klein, Gucci and La Perla. She was the first Icelandic to graduate from the Parsons School of Design. She stands out for her expertise in knitting, and her collections are made with age-old techniques for producing knitwear.

As usual, as a way of uncovering the likes and dislikes of our Tastemakers, we ended the conversation by asking them to complete a series of Taste Hacks. Below, their picks:

Room with a view Hawai´i
What is your Room with a View? If you had to pick one room – whether it be a bedroom, kitchen, office or otherwise – that you could envision living or working in for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

E.L: I had a property by the ocean in Hawaii that was flanked by two waterfalls that dropped into the ocean. We had a private bay and I created a bath where the morning light would rise over the horizon and then the light would just drip into this beautiful fudo ...I could just sit there and contemplate… we would look out and there would be pods of dolphins and the whales would give birth in our bay. // SS: My summer house, surrounded by my garden. The building is from the 1940s and everything is original. It's going back to the basics. It´s in the countryside not far from the glacier.

Gladys brandt
carolyn besset kennedy
What’s your Style Icon? In other words, name a person – living or dead – whom you most aspire to become or emulate stylistically?

E.L : Educator and civic leader Glady´s Brandt, who was my mentor. She had a style that took your breath away when she left the room, even at 90 years old and she cared nothing for the opinion of others. // S.S: Someone I used to work with: Carolyn Besset Kennedy. When I first saw her she was wearing a white dress down to the floor, flats and her long golden hair.. I have never seen such a beauty. It was breath-taking. Her dressing is timeless - for me, that´s fashion. 

About our Tastemaker Conversations

This is a summary of one of our Tastemaker Conversation, a series of live events within the A.I. Labs foundation course where Pauline Brown interviews the most prominent aesthetic geniuses on the way they apply their own A.I. to their life and business. Click here to enroll in the course.

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