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We don’t need
more stuff.

What we need is
to feel more alive.

Aesthetic Intelligence is not simply about beauty; it’s about delight. It’s about the pleasure we perceive through our senses. Aesthetic Businesses don’t just sell goods or services that meet the needs of their customers; they create experiences, memories and connections that last.

Aesthetic Intelligence may be the only advantage
we humans still have over machines.
That’s why we call it “the other A.I.”
And that’s why it matters.

We are a learning platform designed to boost your Aesthetic Intelligence, apply it to business and unleash value. We help you tap into and refine your aesthetic abilities and turn them into a strategic advantage. We also provide you with an opportunity to learn from leading tastemakers through their own experiences and insights.

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Aesthetic Intelligence: The Foundation

Build lasting value for your business by using your taste as an asset and tool for expressing richer stories and forging deeper connections with customers.

Longtime luxury goods leader and pioneer of the “Business of Aesthetics,” Pauline Brown brings her knowledge, experience and methodologies to teach the fundamentals of Aesthetic Intelligence.

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“Aesthetic Intelligence emphasizes how important it is for people to develop a strong voice.”

Donna Karan, Fashion Designer

“Aesthetic Intelligence shows executives and entrepreneurs how to harness and apply their personality, preferences and taste to their companies, and, in so doing, create long-term sustainable advantage.”

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market

“In Aesthetic Intelligence, Pauline Brown shows how you can apply critical lessons from fields like fashion and beauty to transform all types of businesses.”

Walter Isaacson, Best-Selling Author

“Pauline Brown opens up a new area of inquiry as she highlights the power of aesthetic intelligence as a success factor for business leaders today.”

Dan Nordstrom, Consumer Investor and Former Retail Leader


“My mission is to humanize the business world and to show executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals why and how to put human delight at the heart of their strategies.”

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Pauline Brown

Pauline Brown, Founder

Pauline Brown


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