We Are Hiring!

we are hiring

Aesthetic Intelligence Labs is growing and we’re currently looking to hire two remote positions:

1) Project Manager Specialized in Digital (click to learn more)

2) Graphic Designer (Part- Time) (click to learn more)

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter/portfolio to ailabs@aestheticintelligence.com by November 20, 2022



Aesthetic Intelligence Labs is a virtual training & development platform co-founded by longtime luxury goods leader Pauline Brown and designed to teach businesspeople how to boost their Aesthetic Intelligence and harness the power of the senses to build businesses that last.

In a world in which people enjoy ever cheaper and easier access to goods and services, yet crave richer and more meaningful experiences, aesthetics have become a critical factor for success, if not survival, in business. At A.I. Labs we teach clients, through online and hybrid learning experiences and how to shift their focus from meeting their customer’s functional needs to tapping into their dreams and desires.

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